Changhong Sunpower new energy co. LTD. located in Xingyuan Road 8, Huangqiao Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, is the center of the Yangtze River Delta economic area of Jiangsu, with convenient sea, road and air transportation. The company covers an area of 60 mu, the total construction area of 40 thousand square meters. The registered capital of 50 million yuan. We have an annual output capacity of 1.2Gwh lithium batteries.
   The company's products are positioned in the field of power lithium-ion batteries. The discharge rate is 3-10 times than the ordinary batteries; The cycle life reaches more than 3000 times under the condition of 0.3C charging and discharging; The cycle life reaches more than 400-1000 times under the condition of high rate 5 - 10C. The main products are: INR18650-1300, INR18650-1500, INR18650-1800, INR18650-2000 and so on. Our products are widely used in electric cars, electric bicycles, low speed cars, power tools, household vacuum cleaners, model aircraft, military and other fields. Products are exported to domestic and global markets. Since the product was put on the market, it has been well known for its high safety, high consistency and high cycle life. It has been well received and praised by customers both at home and abroad.
   The company is committed to high-end power lithium-ion battery research and development, production and marketing. Focus on the development and production of high rate, large capacity lithium batteries and battery packs. We have the leading position in the domestic high-end power lithium battery industry。Our development & Technical team is formed by first-class technical personnel at home and abroad which won the Second prize of national scientific and technological progress & First prize of scientific and technological progress of Ministry of information industry. We provide customers with an overall solution for lithium batteries and battery pack.
   Companies adhering to the "leading technology, quality first, integrity management" concept of development, to "create national brand & Power world" as the vision, and strive to build a leading brand of new energy power lithium battery!

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